Bariatric bypass- A weight loss technique

 Bariatric bypass- A weight loss technique

Weightloss strategies have become a worldwide phenomena among most individuals these days. Weight loss refers to decrease in the total body mass, which occurs due many reasons like malnourishment, stress, diseases or side effects and consumption of various slimming pills. Weight loss can also occur intentionally if an obese or fat person needs to slim down due rigorous exercises, intake of slimming pills and bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass has become a common weight loss technique, which is trusted and has minimal side effects for the body. This goes without saying that any kind of risks with surgeries cannot be eliminated completely.

Procedure of Gastric bypass

In this type of surgical procedure, the stomach is divided into two parts- the upper portion and the lower portion and the small intestine is rearranged in the manner which is connected to both the portions. The upper pouch of the stomach is relatively smaller compared to the lower remnant pouch. As a result of small size of the upper part of the stomach, a patient’s intake of food would reduce,since the capacity to hold the food is decreased. This procedure even leads to low absorption of important nutrients in food which leads to weight loss. The bypass surgery reduces the stomach majorly at a 90%. When a patient consumes a small amount of food, the wall of the stomach pouch stretches, stimulating nerve cells of the brain indicating the stomach is full. The fullness of the stomach stops the person from eating further which results in weight loss.

Operational methods of conducting Bariatric surgery

This surgery is performed in two ways:

  1. In the first procedure, the stomach is reduced in size. The surgeon divides the stomach in two halves with the help of a staple. The upper part is smaller, almost the size of a walnut, which can hold one ounce or 28 grams of food. Due to this reduction, a patient tends to eat less and hence looses weight.
  2. The second procedure is a bypass- A surgeon will connect a small part of your intestine to a small hole made in the pouch. The food consumed will pass through the pouch into this opening and further to the small intestine. This results in less absorption of calorie intake.

There is another way in which this surgery can be performed,known as laparoscopy. A tiny camera called a laparoscope is placed in the belly. The small scope gives a clear view inside the belly during the surgical operation.

Having a surgical bypass surgery entails a lifelong commitment in restricting and maintaining a consistent diet.

Advantages of bypass surgery

Performing the fedmeoperasjon and obese individual will find greater relief from various weight loss problems which are mentioned below:

  1. Depression
  2. Arthritis
  3. Congestive heart failure
  4. Acid reflux
  5. Risk of heart stroke
  6. Sleep Apnea
  7. Gout
  8. Fatty liver

Bariatric surgery is known to be the most effective treatment for morbid obesity.