Taking Care Of The Skin In The Winters

Taking Care Of The Skin In The Winters

While taking care of the skin is a very regular habit that people follow, winters are more challenging than any of the seasons with respect to skin. While most of us believe that winters are the time when the skin heals itself, you have to put efforts to help it heal. Here’s a list of tips that can help you take better care of your skin in the winters.


Winters mean extra dry skin. If you have dry type of skin, you know the struggle. Generally winters are the time when people need a lot of moisturizer and in regular intervals. If you leave your skin dry, you would soon witness white flakes that are aesthetically very displeasing. Besides dryness, it also causes itchiness.

Exfoliate your face

A lot of people believe it is okay to not exfoliate the skin in winters because the face already feels dry. The need to get rid of the dead cells on face can never be underestimated. This is why you should not forget to exfoliate your face even in winters. You can get rid of the dryness by applying serum or moisturizer to your face after you are done exfoliating.

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Inculcate a skincare routine

Winters are the best season to dedicate more time to skincare and actually develop a skincare routine. You can start using natural products, like Proprietary biosphere and qusome and help your skin develop resistance against aging and wrinkles.

Use moisturizer before foundation

If you don’t create a base for foundation in winters, it will end up making your skin dryer. A lot of natural products can be used as a moisturizing base for your makeup. You can use different kinds of essential oils as well.

Use the sunscreen

It seems like winters naturally evade the need to use sunscreen. But you have to know, every time the suns come out, it brings with it those dreaded UV rays that can cause a number of skincare problems. To always be prepared and fight the UV rays, don’t forget to apply sunscreen everytime you go out.

These very basic tips can help you make it through winters without letting it damage your skin. When you take care of your skin properly in the winters, your skin not only heals from all the damage it has gone through the summers, but also becomes healthier.