The uses of CBD flower chopped

The uses of CBD flower chopped

The Trimmix is ​​a Cannabis Light flower trim , which allows you to use all the parts of the inflorescences in different ways including:

To make edibles : the chopped can be used to produce baked goods; in particular, it allows the creation of fatty compounds such as butter which are subsequently used in the kitchen. In fact, cannabis only binds to lipids that allow it to be completely absorbed. In addition to baked goods, the chopped can be used as a seasoning or condiment for meals How is delta-8 made.

To replace or mix with tobacco : the chopped CBD flowers is commonly used together with tobacco or alone to combat nicotine addiction. In addition to its beneficial capabilities, CBD is a natural remedy for quitting smoking. In fact, it allows you to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and fight its addiction;

To make herbal teas and infusions : also excellent for herbal teas and infusions, preferably with the addition of fatty bases such as milk. Just place the chopped flowers inside a tea bag and leave it to infuse for at least 10 minutes, in order to obtain an herbal tea rich in benefits and with the particular aroma of the chosen genetics;

Pour purri : another less known use is the pour purri or air freshener. The terpenes present inside the CBD flowers, thanks to their aroma, release a fresh and decisive scent. Also well known in aromatherapy, it is a natural and simple method that allows you to create a relaxed atmosphere for work, study or meditation.

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Cannabis plant recycling

Trimming is a process of cleaning cannabis flowers that allows for more homogeneous and palatable buds to be seen. This technique, however, wastes several parts of the flower, including the outermost leaves, which are full of benefits but with seeming less importance.

The Trimmix was created with the aim of avoiding this waste and using all the parts of the Cannabis Light flower. The processing is carried out by hand on already dried and compact flowers, discarding only the woody parts. The Trimmix is ​​not a collection of cannabis waste but on the contrary it is composed of the small parts of flowers that are eliminated to make it more homogenous and compact.

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