The Serious Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

The Serious Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is very important for normal functioning of our bodies and minds. You are probably aware of that and have the intention to get some good rest, but what if you suffer from sleeping problems or sleep deprivation. That could indeed be a serious issue requiring immediate addressing.

Not only your personal life, but also your professional career may be hindered by your sleep deprivation, as your abilities and social skills are likely to be impaired due to the lack of sleep. There are a few simple steps you can take in order to improve the situation. Buying a new mattress or a pillow is a great start as the cause of sleep deprivation can frequently be found in the bedroom. Here are just some problems you face when your sleep is impaired.

Insufficient Sleep Can Cause Major Problems at Work

Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your cognitive abilities, deterring you perception, judgment, decision making and reaction time. Imagine being a driver, or a medical worker, just think of the consequences your lack of sleep could have. Even if your job carries less responsibility, it is still important to be well-rested and focused. Even though potential profit loss of your company is not as disastrous as a loss of lives, it is still something you’ll want to avoid, as beside the immediate damage, it can cause serious damage to your health due to all the stress, and of course, to your career.

Have in mind that some catastrophic accidents, such as oil spills, nuclear meltdowns and explosions and space shuttle disasters have been caused by human error, due to sleep deprivation. So do not take your sleep for granted. Sometimes, not only your job but your life and the lives of other people depend on it.


Bad Sleeping Habits Impact Your Interpersonal Relations

Even though your career may be important to you, the relationships with other people should be much more valuable to you. Unsurprisingly, sleep problems can wreak havoc even on this aspect of your life, both personally and at work.

If you don’t sleep enough you are very much familiar with that feeling of crankiness and irritability. It definitely affects your psychological state and leaves your organism unable to deal with stress properly, which than has a bigger impact on your physical and psychological stress. So imagine (or you probably don’t even need to imagine) coming to work in such a condition. Chances are that even a minor confrontation or normally insignificant issue could make you lose your temper and overreact. Which in turn affects your relationship with colleagues, disrupts the team atmosphere and slims your chances of career advancement.

Your Health May Be At Risk, Too

Finally, perhaps the most important thing you need to take care of is your health. All other aspects of your life become less important when your health is at risk, and sleep problems can have a lot to do with health issues. Not only can these health problems be exacerbated by the lack of sleep, they can also be caused by it.

One of the biggest health problems caused by sleep irregularities are various heart issues, ranging from the seemingly harmless irregular heartbeat, to the increased likelihood of a heart attack or heart failure. Diabetes has also been linked to the lack of sleep both in children and in adults.

Sleep is an integral part of our body’s functionality and it has been perfected over the long evolution. However, our modern way of life is challenging the natural order of things which causes a lot of problems. If you want to preserve your health and improve your quality of life, make sure that you get plenty of sleep on a quality mattress. That’s a good tip for a successful day and life in general.