The Best Delta 8 Flower Strains For Relaxation & Sleep

The Best Delta 8 Flower Strains For Relaxation & Sleep

The Delta 8 strain is a type of flowering cannabis which has the therapeutic benefits of both indica and sativa. It is an overall good strain for those who want to induce feeling of sleep yet still allow creativity and mental stimulation during the day. Medically, it’s used as an analgesic in pain relief as well as chemotherapy-induced nausea. The top rated delta 8 THC flower may also be used for anxiety, aiding in calming and focus with some slight introspection thrown into it too. This strain has relatively short flowering periods at just around 11-12 weeks making it easy for the medical marijuana patients to find themselves a grow or two out at their home close to harvest time.

Delta 8 Strain

Delta 8 is a cross of our favorite girl, Jenny, and a new upcoming strain, Delta 10. The result is an indica-dominant hybrid perfect for patients where they want to relax comfortably while also being highly functional. This strain is a 60/40 hybrid with regard to sativa./indica ratio. It is 50% Sativa / 50% Indica and relatively short flowering period of 11-12 weeks. The smell of Delta 8 is also very pleasant and citrus-like, with a hint of berries in the background. But the taste is even better – with the berries mixing with an almost-sweet berry flavor and a sour lime, giving it a very sweet and citrusy taste.

top rated delta 8 THC flower

Delta 8 Strain Description

The THC levels of the Delta 8 strain are not hugely high, at around 18%, but they are more than high enough that the strain can be almost instantly felt, even by non-normals. The effects of Delta 8 will take you straight to your happy place where you’ll feel relaxed, euphoric and creative all at once. The relaxing effects of this strain can be felt from head to toe, and is a perfect strain for those who have pain all over the body. It’s perfect for those with chronic aches, pains and soreness, or for those just looking for a good night’s sleep. Although at 50% Sativa, expect some daytime activity as well as a better mood overall when using this strain.

Delta 8 Strain Grow Info

This strain is very easy to grow indoors, especially considering its short flowering period of only 11-12 weeks. This is more of an indoor strain. It does not need a lot of nutrition and low EC levels favor this strain a lot. And it can handle just about anything else you throw at it. Being mostly indica, it is going to grow wide with big leaves and dense buds.

Delta 8 Strain Grow Information

Type: Indica / Sativa hybrid

Flowering Period: 11-12 weeks

Climate: warm and dry climate needed for proper growth and development, moderate temperature both during the day/night time is ideal (60-85F or 16-29C). In colder climates, grow lights are usually required throughout the winter months when days are shorter and temperatures are lower.