Smart Fat Burning With Hi-Tech ECA Xtreme

Smart Fat Burning With Hi-Tech ECA Xtreme

Burning body fat is not easy. Those last kilos are the most difficult to burn and sometimes the more you try the more they seem to not want to leave. These useful tips will help you in the difficult task of burning fat and will allow you to define yourself in a moment.

Regular Cardio Low Intensity

Cardiovascular exercise is excellent if you are overweight. It will allow you to push yourself into a more intense routine since you do not have to stress your body too much at first. It is usually done at 60% -80% of your potential for 30-60 minutes per session. Along with that, the use of the Hi-Tech ECA Xtreme will offer added supports.

HIIT Training

High intensity interval training is an advanced method of practicing cardio that aims to burn fat fast: you train at high intensity for series at intervals between exercise and rest. An example would be two minutes of walking followed by a 30-second sprint run, to be repeated for 20 minutes to the end.

Cardio after weight training

In this way your glycogen stores will be exhausted especially after weight training and as a result, your body will burn fat as energy stocks. It must be said that this type of training is not essential to burn fat: studies have shown that fat loss happens faster but at the same time, if doing a cardio workout on an empty stomach is difficult, it is not a problem doing it at another time.

Eliminate bad fats and eat healthily

Nutrition remains crucial in the fight against fats. Intake of the wrong fats will inevitably lead to weight gain while eating foods containing good fats like avocados, nuts and fish will help you burn more fat over the long term. Try to avoid foods prepared with sugar and read the label because even foods marked as “low fat” are often 10 times worse than the classic version: they replace sugar with other ingredients that increase calories, which in contrast increase the calories.

Consuming foods with only one ingredient is a good way to avoid unhealthy foods that would hinder weight loss. Eating unprocessed foods and as close as possible to their natural shape also ensures adequate intake of vitamins.

Drink several liters of water a day

Drinking more water has been proved crucial for weight loss and fat burning. Water helps the liver convert fat into energy. Not to mention that we are composed of over 70% of water, so you have to drink plenty of water anyway.

Eliminate alcohol

Eliminating alcohol will help a lot in losing weight. Drinking not only adds a ton of “empty” calories but also reduces appetite and decreases testosterone levels (testosterone burns fat and helps build muscle). It also reduces the number of calories burned off fat for energy. When we drink alcohol, it is transformed into a substance called acetate, which is used instead of fat as energy. Undoubtedly your body will retain its fat reserves when consuming alcohol.

Fat Burning Supplements

Fat burners like Hi-Tech ECA Xtreme have a thermogenic effect on the body and increase the rate at which our body burns fat. As always, they are only supplements and will not work without proper nutrition and exercise.