Potential Side Effects of Cannabidiol

Potential Side Effects of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol also called as CBD is a well-known chemical that is extracted from cannabis plant apart from THC. But cannabidiol won’t produce any psychoactive effects like THC. CBD oil became much popular because of marijuana laws along with the health benefits of this oil.  CBD oil can reduce anxiety; relieve inflammation, nausea, and pain. It can fight against cancer and also improves cardiovascular health. It even has Anti-Psychotic effects. Though THC and CBD are produced from the same plant, CBD can neutralize the side effects of THC. Inspite of many benefits of CBD oil, it still has many side effects also. Here are few of cbd negative side effects.

cbd negative side effects

Some of the known side effects of CBD including dry mouth, low blood pressure, drowsiness, increased tremors in Parkinson’s patients, lightheadedness. It can also inhibit drug metabolism, especially related to the liver. Here is a brief discussion of above-mentioned side effects.

  1. Dry mouth is one of the most reported side effects of consuming CBD. It is an unpleasant sensation of dryness in the mouth. It may be caused due to inhibition of saliva secretion because of the involvement of endocannabinoid. Type 1 and 2 cannabinoid receptors are present in Submandibular glands, which produces saliva. Activating these receptors changes salivary production causing mouth dryness or cotton-mouth.
  2. Consuming high doses of CBD can enhance muscle movement and tremors in Parkinson’s patients. Consuming CBD in right doses may not cause any side effects. Parkinson’s patients must consult a doctor before taking CBD. It is also advisable to start CBD with small quantities so as to observe side effects caused by it.
  3. Consuming large doses of CBD can lower your blood pressure levels, generally within few minutes after CBD entering your body. This can also cause light-headedness. This would be a temporary side effect and can be resolved by taking a cup of tea or coffee. One must consult their doctor if they are on medication for blood pressure.
  4. Higher doses of CBD may cause drowsiness. It is not good to drive a vehicle or operate any machinery under the effect of drowsiness.
  5. Some studies mentioned that consuming CBD can inhibit the metabolism of the hepatic drug and can also decrease the activity of p-glycoprotein. CBD may interact with some other medicines and inhibits the activity of liver enzymes. If CBD is taken in high doses, it may neutralise the activity of some enzymes temporarily and thus affect the metabolism of the body. This effect may not be considered as one of the cbd negative side effects because deactivation of those enzymes may be good for health. So this can be considered as a minor side effect of cannabidiol.

Bottom Line

CBD is beneficiary to health in many ways. It can reduce anxiety, inflammation, pain, and nausea. It can even act as an anti-psychoactive product. But it still has few side effects, especially when taken in higher doses. If you are on medication, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using CBD.