Orthopedic Group At Sunshine Coast: Get An Online Appointment

Orthopedic Group At Sunshine Coast: Get An Online Appointment

Reaching out to the right specialist to treat the kind of pain you are suffering from is an ideal decision. Of course, you should call the experts and the right specialist should be the right professional to call on. Scorthogroup is a group of orthopedic surgeons who are experts on different types of pain.

What is an orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the musculoskeletal system, specifically:

  • bones
  • joints
  • ligaments
  • tendons
  • muscles


These are so essential to movement and day-to-day life. There are more than 200 bones in the human body, which means they are an in-demand specialty. So, when you feel that you are in pain, you must check where and why you are experiencing it. But, if you are from an injury, expect that you will feel pained after a day of the incident.

Orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and medication or treatment of disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. Also, these surgeons specialized in certain areas of the body, such as the knee, hip, ankle, and foot.

Orthopedic Group At Sunshine Coast

Common orthopedic surgeries

There are several orthopedic surgeries that surgeons perform; these surgeries address different parts of the body while still invasive procedures. Some are minimally invasive, thanks to advanced technology. Orthopedic surgeons help understand the specific surgery you need, it includes:

  • what is involved
  • what the risks are
  • what other options

Here are some of the most common orthopedic surgeries:

  • Knee replacement. It is one of the most commonly used joints of the human body, but unluckily, it means it is often overused to the point of injury. The surgery replaces some or all of the knee joint with an artificial one. It is necessary in most cases because the cartilage in the joint is damaged, restricting the movement that can be so painful.

The cause of this includes trauma to the knees, obesity, and bursitis.

  • ACL surgery. It stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament, an integral part of the knee and runs diagonally on the front. When you rotate on the leg, it keeps you stable. If the ligament is torn, it must be repaired with reconstructive surgery. The surgery involved taking part of the tendon from anywhere in the body and grafting it onto the damaged ACL part. The surgery is not serious and not major. So, the patient can return home on the same day.
  • Hip replacement. One common joint commonly replaced is the hip. The hip is made of the acetabulum and the femoral head. The same as the knee, there are 2 different types of replacement surgeries. In a lot of cases, the entire joint is being replaced. But, there is another procedure called Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, which only replaced the joint part that has been damaged.

Once you experience these types of discomforts and pain, you must see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.