Delta 8: The Most Underrated Marijuana Strain

Delta 8: The Most Underrated Marijuana Strain

Delta 8 is a lesser known marijuana strain that deserves more attention than it actually gets. A cross between Afghani and Thai, everything about Premium Delta 8 THC Hemp Flowers seems to be on point: it smells earthy but sweet, tastes citrus-y while also possessing a peppery aroma, and provides users with a mellow yet euphoric high.


Delta 8 is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s balanced for pain relief and relaxation. This cannabis variety has an earthy flavor with hints of pepper, making it perfect for someone looking for relief from the aches of arthritis or muscle tension. Delta 8 provides users with an uplifting euphoria that’s typically couchlock-free and great for daytime use.

Delta 8 is super easy to grow and is a great strain for beginning and experienced growers alike, as it requires almost no training or trimming. Growers can expect a 60-day flowering time with a medium yield that ranges from 14-17 ounces per square meter indoors. Outdoor growing will produce about 20 ounces per plant, but be warned – this strain is known to have high mold resistance and will readily mold in humid climates.

Premium Delta 8 THC Hemp Flowers

Delta 8 Experience

Smoking Delta 8 is cerebral, euphoric, and creative. From top to bottom, this cannabis strain truly is a well-balanced bud. The potent high of Delta 8 is right in the middle (you won’t feel it in your head or feet) and is noticeable almost immediately upon smoking. You’ll likely find yourself in a loop of deep thoughts followed by bursts of creativity that’ll spur you into action – if that’s not what you’re looking for from a marijuana strain, look elsewhere.

That being said, this strain was made for relaxation. Delta 8 provides users with a far-reaching body stone that’s easy to fall asleep to, while the citrus flavor makes users feel uplifted and optimistic. Delta 8 is one of those strains that can be trusted to calm anxiety down when needed and spark creativity when needed, making it an all around great strain for both day and night use.

Delta 8 Side Effects

Delta 8 does not cause the negative side effects associated with most medial cannabis strains, including paranoia and anxiety. Furthermore, it’s known for its anti-anxiety properties, making it an ideal strain to smoke after a long night of partying or while working on a project that’s filled with deadlines. Delta 8 also won’t cause you to feel sleepy, as nystagmus can only be felt by some users.