Collagen Beverage Myths and Facts

Collagen Beverage Myths and Facts

collagen drink singapore┬áis enjoying a major renaissance at the moment, thriving in the social media sea of health information. (The present you are totally great, FYI). Over 1.9 billion videos on TikTok have been tagged with #collagen, promising younger-looking skin with regular consumption. But are these miracle injections as helpful as their promoters say they are, or are they just another #spon fad? If they’re effective, how much liquid collagen would you have to down for your skin to change?

Collagen Beverages: What Are They?

Let’s start with the basics; what is collagen? Nutritionist Amanda Griggs notes that collagen is unique in that it is a protein-rich in amino acids, which are necessary for the proper function of tissues and bones. Hyaluronic acid synthesis is increased, which in turn helps the skin retain its suppleness and firmness.

Collagen is a protein that is abundant in many different tissues throughout the body. We lose around 1.5% of our natural reserves every year beyond the age of 25; these forms are crucial for maintaining the skin’s structure and flexibility. Griggs adds, “Ageing, smoking, excess sugar, ultraviolet radiation, excessive alcohol consumption, and eating denatured processed food are all factors that can further slow our collagen production.” The ultimate outcome? We fear slacker skin and wrinkles.

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Collagen beverages have saturated the market, capitalising on our deeply entrenched communal disgust with the effects of ageing. They promise to improve your skin’s health and appearance if taken internally on a regular basis, where collagen is depleted. Griggs argues that some companies are making bold claims about the anti-ageing effects of their beverages.

Inner Beauty Boost with Collagen

Instead of containing collagen, this one is a supercharged supplement meant to encourage the skin to produce its own collagen. Bioavailability is increased by a distinctive fermentation process in which vitamin C and zinc are mixed with extracts from nutrient-dense berries. It’s a delight to drink, too.

Why Do Collagen Drinks Work?

Taking collagen every day to prevent wrinkles and fine lines may sound too wonderful to be true, yet sales are booming and consumers seem to approve. Is there any proof that supports these assertions?

Drinks containing collagen peptides can be broken down into smaller molecules and absorbed by the body. According to consulting dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk, they start showing up an hour after intake in the bloodstream. “Research has shown that these absorbed peptides can reach the skin and may be retained in the tissue for up to two weeks,” she says. It seems good thus far.


It is special in that it is a protein high in amino acids, which are required for normal tissue and bone function. The generation of hyaluronic acid is boosted, which helps the skin keep its suppleness and firmness.