What is Hair Transplant Turkey?

What is Hair Transplant Turkey?

Hair transplantation is an essential factor of aesthetic appearance for both women and men. The fact that the hair is thick or sparse plays an influential role in the self-confidence level of the people.

Incredibly healthy and lively hair also supports the motivation to look attractive to the opposite sex. For this reason, undesirable situations such as psychological problems and loss of self-confidence may occur in those with hair loss.

All our patients who come to our clinic for hair transplantation in Turkey overcome these problems and have lush and healthy hair.

The natural and permanent solution that eliminates the problem of baldness is called hair transplantation. It is the transfer of hair to areas where the hair follicle is not active and has become a balding area, with a procedure that can be considered microsurgery.

Whatever the reason, it is the most practical and permanent way to regain lost hair, and it is the most preferred surgical operation by doctors and patients. Hair transplantation, which has been applied as a permanent solution to baldness for many years, is successfully performed by our clinic in Turkey.

What is Hair Root?

It is a term that is heard very often before hair transplantation. Hair root; It is the bottom part of the hair that is located in the skull and embedded in the adipose tissue, around which hair-producing cells are located.

If the graft is so, it is the structure where roots are extracted from the scalp for planting. Each graft has at least one hair follicle. Before the hair operation, grafts are collected from the donor area and prepared for the area to be transplanted. The doctor determines how many grafts are needed.

While collecting hair follicles, the donor region, the most preferred region, is generally preferred. The collected grafts are different regarding root number, shape, and size and are planted most appropriately.

What is Hair Structure, and what Types of Hair Structure?

Types of Hair Structure

The hair structure of each person exhibits characteristics that vary from person to person. When we look at the hair structure, we see that it consists of 5 areas. We can list these structures as hair, muscle, skin, root sheath, and gland.

The hair structure consists of 5 layers:

  • skin area
  • lower part of the skin area
  • Support layer (Aponeurosis)
  • loose connective tissue
  • Pericranium outer cover layer

The scalp, which has different thicknesses on the scalp, is thicker at the back of the head and thinner at the front. The thickness of the scalp varies between 8 – 3 mm according to the regions of the head. The inner layer of the scalp contains sebaceous glands, hair follicles, and sweat glands.

How to do hair transplantation

Fat tissue is relatively high in the lower layer of the scalp, which is of great importance. Because it is rich in fibrous partitions, it creates its strength. Nerves and large vessels in the scalp are also located in the lower part of the adipose tissue.

Under the fat layer of the scalp, there is the muscle and the continuous hard layer.

The fourth layer is a loose structure and is easily separated from the other layers.

Hair structure consists of keratin protein. Keratin has a fibrous structure due to the amino acids present on its surface. Amino acids in the structure of the hair strand make the hair curly or straight with the bonds and sequences between them.

Hair fiber consists of 3 layers.

The inner layer (medulla) is located in thick hairs.

The middle layer (Cortex) is the region that provides the hardness of the hair and the color of the hair.

The outer layer (cuticle) is the thin, colorless area that protects the middle layer of the hair.

What is Hair Transplant Methods?

There are many methods applied by plastic surgery to achieve natural hair. It is generally done using different methods, such as collecting and placing grafts.

With the development of technological methods, your doctor will make the right decision in selecting these methods, which also differ according to the size of the area to be planted.

If we list the methods used in hair transplantation;

  • FUE hair transplant
  • DHI hair transplant
  • Sapphire FUE hair transplant
  • Unshaven hair transplant
  • starvation in women
  • DHI hair transplant

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

After the examinations made by your doctor before the operation, information is given about the cost of hair transplant Turkey.

Our expert team for hair transplant prices in Istanbul is at your service. You can contact us for more information.

Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul

By having your hair analyzed, we provide you with natural hair with our expert team and doctors. The world has accepted the success rate of hair transplantation in Turkey, and we have many successful references in our clinic.

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost

Every day, thanks to the innovations brought by technology and the experience of specialist doctors, a new success is added to the successful results of hair transplantation in Turkey. As every labor has a reward, it is subject to a certain fee.

After examining the hair and the area to be transplanted, the method to be applied will be decided, and you will be informed about the hair transplant cost by the clinic where the hair transplant will be performed.