Weight Loss Supplements – Just Placebos?

Weight Loss Supplements – Just Placebos?

     What are weight loss supplements? Some are actually food that works as weight loss supplements. However let us describe it as any pill, tablet or capsule that may or may not include herbal ingredients, and may include chemical and synthesized compounds. These compounds may have an effect designed for weight loss, such as increasing your metabolism so you can burn calories faster, or decreasing your appetite to lessen your food intake. Weight loss products or supplements are referred to in the medical and scientific community as Thermogenic aids. And so we come to the question do weight loss supplements really work?

Do they work as Intended?

     The short answer is yes, they work. There is a huge but on these results though, and I mean all supplements for weight loss, does not mean that you can lounge all day on the couch while eating your favorite food – and still expect results just because you are popping a diet pill. It does not work that way, my friends. The iron in kidney beans it will work is if you continue proper diet and exercise these supplements will give you an edge over those who are not using them. So there you go, most of the thermogenic aids will work if in tandem with common sense diet and exercise. Remember that weight loss supplements work in three ways, Reduction of your appetite, reduction of how our body absorbs nutrients like fats, give you an increase in fat burning capacity.

Phaseolus Vulgaris   

white kidney bean extract diabetes

    The White Kidney Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris) extract comes into the third category of weight loss supplement effects. It is receiving a lot of attention because of the potential for a wide range of applications. This white kidney bean extract diabetes studies have been linked or theorized to improved glucose or sugar levels in diabetic patients. The compound prohibits the release of the starch-digesting enzyme known as amylase. This opens up a whole new set of theories about how this compound can be of tremendous benefit to the millions of diabetics all over the world. This is just a fringe benefit because White Kidney Bean extract is primarily marketed as a weight loss supplement. This is where the compound’s strength lies.

Starch Blocker

      This is the name given to White Kidney Bean Extract and unfortunately has given rise to misconceptions among the dieting community. Apparently, the term starch inhibitor or blocker gave rise to the belief that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight because of the extract. This is not the case, yes the extract will prevent starch from being broken down and converted to sugar you still need to do your part in achieving your weight loss gains. This means that while taking the supplement, you will still need to maintain a proper diet and your exercise routine for the optimal effect.

The Takeaway

     Taking any supplement will help you lose weight and achieve your goals but only with a sensible diet and a well-planned exercise routine. As for side effects, an increase in gassiness is all that has been noted in clinical studies. However long term use and effects have yet to be evaluated for White Kidney Bean Extract.