Obesity is a malady many of us suffer from. The reasons may be aplenty, but the remedies aren’t. People spend a lot of money at weight loss centers but to no avail. Medicines that claim to help melt away the excess weight help in no way. And, all that weight puts pressure on the body. Our morale takes a beating, too. So, what does one do in such a situation?

However, as they say, every problem has a solution. And, so does your excess weight! Have you heard about Gastric Balloon Surgery? Or, gastric bypass operasjon? It’s one of its kind surgery that helps weight loss but through a non-surgical procedure.

Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Gastric Balloon Surgery does not require the surgical modification of the digestive tract. All it consists of is the insertion of a balloon into the stomach that takes up the available space in the stomach as a result of which the patient’s food intake reduces. There isn’t much space for the food that used to get consumed earlier.

The balloon is not a permanent feature in the stomach. It is inserted for a period of a year after which it is removed. The patient loses his weight during the year, develops new food habits and even after a year sticks to the new routine, even when he is permitted to go back to his earlier dietary habits.

The Surgery Procedure:

The Gastric Balloon Surgery is a quick surgery, and being non-surgical, it hardly involves any complicated methods. It lasts a half an hour, at the most, and the patient can leave for home soon.

The balloon that is deflated while insertion is created using silicone. It is filled with saline through a self-sealing valve. It being a non-surgical procedure, there are hardly any side effects. And, even if some problem does arise, it rarely requires any corrective intervention. Of course, a patient may experience some nausea immediately after the surgery, but it is just temporary and ceases soon after.

The gastric bypass operasjon is very effective as many people opt for it over  Bariatric Surgery. Most importantly, this surgery also costs much less, especially in Riga.

Riga is a technologically advanced city just like London, or even Helsinki. There are highly trained surgeons working at modern and efficient hospitals with a very supportive medical staff. So, getting the procedure done at Riga works well.


The procedure helps increase and improve the energy levels of the patient. The patient adopts healthier eating habits and adheres to those habits even after a year, when the balloon is finally removed from the stomach. The overall health of the patient improves exponentially and this, in turn, improves the physical appearance as well as life expectancy.

Having been performed for almost three decades now, this procedure is now the most sought after weight loss procedure. The risks are minimal and so are the side effects and recovery is achieved in a matter of days.