Rollators and its benefits

Rollators and its benefits

Rollators are also known as rolling walkers; they have a wheel at the bottom of each leg.  The Rollators or rolling walkers are used by the elderly and disable people who face limited mobility. The wheels on the Rollators help the elderly to get from one place to another safely. Devices like rolling walkers or Rollators are designed carefully to give additional functionality and convenience. They are known to provide support and an easier, more stable and walking experience.

Types of Rollators

There are three different types of Rollators like:

  • Three- wheel – These Rollators are known to be lighter and manageable but they are less stable. The three wheeled Rollators do not come with a seat.
  • Four wheel walker or Rollators- These Rollators are easy to push, work better outdoors and have more storage space.
  • Transport chair- This walker has the combined features of a rolling walker and a traditional wheel chair. It can be easily folded and carried anywhere. This is more expensive than a normal Rollator.

What to look in a Rollator?

There are a number of features to look for while looking for a Rollator like:

  • They should have three to four wheels.
  • Size of wheels.
  • Seat size and padding.
  • Height of the seat.
  • Handle height.
  • The types of brakes.
  • Aluminium or steel frame.
  • The width of the frame.
  • Baskets and holders.

Benefits of a Rollator

There are a lot of benefits in using a rollator so people who have mobility issues can make use of them. On one can easily learn and study about rollators and its benefits like:

  • They are to be used outdoors- Rollators are known to be for outdoor use; so they should not be misconceived as an indoor mobility aid. They are light and foldable so they can be easily placed in the back of the car or some other kind of transport. There are some models that can be used on regular lands also.
  • Cheaper- The Rollator is considered to be an affordable option for all kinds of disabilities. So while deciding to buy a mobility aid one should consider a Rollator as it is an economic choice for both full time and part time use.
  • Can sit on them- They are useful for sitting especially for users who get tired easily from shopping and resting their feet.
  • Adjustable- The Rollators are highly adjustable; so the user can adjust the item according to their comfort and stability. Whether you are short, tall or of an average height; the Rollator can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Useful while exercising- The people who use Rollators usually face less disability and cannot exercise or remain active. Rollator allow the users to exercise independently and with confidence.
  • Transportable- Rollators are usually used by people who need assistance while travelling. It helps them stay mobile; so rollators can be used and transported easily.

These are the benefits of rollators and this is the best site to learn about them.