Points to consider when you are using a pregnancy due date calculator

Points to consider when you are using a pregnancy due date calculator

The moment you figure out that you are pregnant, your happiness is over the moon. The sad part is that most women are hardly informed on what it is and face up to situations when it comes and strikes them. In fact they are hardly aware of what to expect though baby kicking is something that they would have picked from their peers. One of the good news is that due dates could be predicted and you can face up to some challenges that do come along the way as well. There are some things that you would need to be aware that are illustrated below

Having a concise idea about what a pregnancy due date calculator

With the aid of a pregnancy due date calculator you can have a precise idea about when your pregnancy is expected. It is a mere estimation, though 100 % accuracy is something that could hardly be achieved. If numbers are an indicator the accuracy of a pregnancy calculator could be in the region of around 83 %.

This calculator takes into account the last date of your menstrual period and it is termed as LMP. This concept is used and on to it you go on to add 280 days. All this is based on the logic that a woman went on to ovulate 2 weeks after her last LMP was over. What it means that 266 days from the date of gestation is considered to be the due date.

 pregnancy due date calculator

All the above information works out to your advantage if a woman has a 28 day monthly cycle. The calculator is not going to assume it, but if you are a woman you would need to trust it blindly as well. If you happen to be a lady who does not fall in that bracket. It would be prudent on your part to secure an appointment with a doctor and verify the facts with an ultrasound. He could provide you with a better picture on when did the gestation did take place.

The basal body temperature coupled with Luteinizing hormones is also important indicators as well. The only problem that you are likely to face is that both of them cannot be used so it is not possible to use them on a large scale.

How pregnancy due date calculators could be applied for your baby

The main reason on why you need a pregnancy due date calculator is to find out the exact date of pregnancy and take preparations for the same. This would mean scheduling appointment with a doctor and be aware of the fact if something goes wrong at the same time.

If you want things to be under control then you would need to pay due attention to these facts. It would be a wrong bet to miss any appointment and ultrasound is important as well. All this goes hand in hand with the information that is rolled out by a pregnancy due date calculator as well.