What to Do with a Missing Tooth?

What to Do with a Missing Tooth?

When we talk about dentures as a solution to replace tooth loss, we are not talking about solving a local problem whose consequences are only limited to appearance. In other words, tooth loss does not only affect your appearance. As a dentist performing dentures in Toronto explains, losing a tooth can cause many problems for you, such as digestive problems due to the inability to chew properly. It is enough to realize that the loss of teeth brings serious problems that the whole body suffers from, so we know that if we encounter this problem, we must solve it immediately by visiting the relevant dentist to start the treatment process. In the following, we will talk about problems related to tooth loss and ways to treat it.

Problems Related to Tooth Loss

According to some studies, along with tooth loss, bad appearance, low self-confidence in smiling, insufficient ability to chew, bad breath and gall bladder diseases and in some cases, even the problem of infertility and problems with the reproductive system will come across.

The importance of the denture process begins here, which can save us from serious health problems that we may face and is a solution to all missing teeth problems, and in addition, it can give you the smile you deserve.

Dentures are a type of replacement for missing teeth that have reached a high level of popularity. In many cases, patients suffer from dental problems to the extent that the underlying structure becomes irreparable for restoration or filling.

In recent years, the denture process has become an integrated treatment method in dentistry aimed at treating complete or partial tooth loss and has many features.

Of course, it should be mentioned that there are also other tooth replacement options, such as dental implants and dental bridges. Each of these treatments is suitable for a patient considering his situation.

When Do We Choose Dentures?

Dental Treatment

 It is very important that the dentist becomes fully aware of the reasons that led to the loss of teeth or the decision to pull them, whether they are cavities, disease in the gums and supporting tissues, a fractured tooth, or perhaps an accident that led to the loss of teeth. It can also be due to loosening or damage to the natural tooth.

With this in mind, the dentist creates a plan to help the patient restore oral functions, either by treating and restoring damaged teeth or by compensating for what has already been lost.

What Is This Dental Process?

As mentioned earlier, these dental treatments are one of the best alternative and modern options to replace missing teeth. First of all, you must realize that this method of compensating for tooth loss is the most successful and effective method. The reason for this is that it does not affect the formation of missing teeth or the surrounding tissues, on the one hand. On the other hand, the process also compensates for all missing teeth by replacing false teeth that are designed in a way that the patient does not feel any differences between them and their natural teeth.