How Can a Mouthguard Prevent Dental Emergencies?

How Can a Mouthguard Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Many people don’t know how protective mouthguards are helpful and effective. If you play touchy professional sports or grind your teeth while sleeping, mouthguards are recommended. The protection and benefits provided by a mouthguard are much more than most people think. Playing sports and tooth grinding can cause a lot of damage to your teeth which isn’t a good experience. An emergency dentist in downtown Hamilton emphasizes that prevention is always better than cure, so it’s better to wear a suitable mouthguard to prevent the consequences of those actions. The primary purpose of a mouthguard is to protect your healthy teeth from fractures or other major dental emergencies. Fortunately, new types of mouthguards are customized based on your oral condition and needs which is why you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. Your smile is valuable, and you can protect it as far as you can to ensure nothing can ruin your smile’s shine. Unfortunately, many people still can’t understand the importance and effects of wearing a mouthguard when needed and how it can prevent dental emergencies. You may ask yourself, “Is wearing a customized mouthguard effective?”. Today’s article explains why emergency dentists recommend some patients wear mouthguards and how they can be protective.

Mouthguards Protect Your Teeth from Getting Fractured.

While playing sports, it’s really possible to experience tooth fractures. A fractured tooth can become a severe dental emergency needing to be addressed quickly. Tooth grinding and sports injuries are two common causes of tooth fractures that can be ideally prevented by wearing a mouthguard.

Mouthguards Prevent Soft Tissue Injuries.

Mouthguards Prevent Soft Tissue Injuries.

Soft tissue injuries are another category of dental emergencies. It’s possible to taste blood in your mouth when you get injured during a sport. Your lips and inner cheek (soft tissues) are vulnerable and can get damaged quickly. Sometimes you may need to visit your emergency dentist because snitches are required. Wearing a customized mouthguard can help you prevent such conditions as it can protect your cheek, lips, tongue and oral soft tissues.

Mouthguards Prevent Knocked-out Teeth.

One of the worst dental emergencies you can ever experience is a knocked-out tooth. It’s essential to visit your emergency dentist when you still have a chance to save your natural tooth. Otherwise, you have to bear heavy expenses to replace your missing tooth with implants, bridges or dentures. By wearing a customized mouthguard, the risk of having a knocked-out tooth will be significantly reduced, and you can play sports without being worried about your smile.

Mouthguards Can Prevent Tooth Displacement.

Athletes who wear mouthguards experience less tooth displacement and other dental problems. When the impact occurs, your teeth are saved from a crushing blow if you wear a mouthguard, and they won’t get displaced.

Mouthguards Protect against Jaw Fractures.

A fractured jaw is one of the most painful dental trauma you can ever experience. It’s a common dental emergency among athletes when they are hit in the head. It’s a serious and real risk that should be controlled by wearing a mouthguard.

If you don’t know whether wearing a mouthguard can be helpful or not, visit your emergency dentist and have a clear consultation!