Main Differences Between Teeth Whitening & Teeth Bleaching

Main Differences Between Teeth Whitening & Teeth Bleaching

A brighter smile is the most common request when people think of oral care. Thankfully, special products called whitening and bleaching can create a more brilliant smile for you. Most people wonder about the main differences between these two successful methods. They eagerly want to know that if they aren’t the same, which one is the best option to use? As a dedicated dentist applying teeth whitening in Toronto explains if you are looking for a quick, effective, and safe way to improve your smile and self-confidence, both cosmetic methods are the right options.

If you are interested in making significant changes to your smile with the help of teeth whitening and bleaching, let’s look at the information provided in this article to choose the best option to help you effectively achieve the best results.

Teeth Bleaching

Differences between Dental Whitening & Bleaching

With significant advancements in new treatments, having a beautiful smile and a set of healthy, whiter teeth is available for everyone. As everyone knows, using bleaching and whitening products is a highly requested cosmetic procedure to make your smile more attractive. Generally, when the bright color of your enamel turns yellow, brown, or gray due to several reasons like drinking coffee or tea, smoking, using certain medication, or even aging, the most fundamental solutions that come to our mind are teeth whitening and bleaching. Although the words bleaching and whitening are usually used interchangeably, their products have some differences.

Teeth Bleaching & Teeth Whitening Products

A wide range of products can lighten your teeth and help you have a desirable smile. They are responsible for helping people get rid of their discolored teeth by removing stains from the surface of their teeth. These popular products are safe and inexpensive, but their effectiveness depends on the severity of your dental discoloration. Although several over-the-counter whitening products like strips and gels can be used at home, in-office types of whitening can surprise you with their wonderful results. Because your professional dentists are equipped with high-tech tools in their offices to whiten your teeth with that material that contains stronger chemical agents, the method that your dedicated dentists will use to whiten your teeth is more likely to be called bleaching. Although today, most cosmetic salons offer bleaching services, it is really important to find a licensed dental professional to perform it for you.

Bleaching & Whitening Safety

Generally, these products are safe if they are used correctly. Whitening toothpaste is the most affordable and safest option among all the different products. Also, it is the most convenient that can be used by everyone. Above all, like all other treatments involving chemicals, these methods may cause minor risks. In some cases, people experience dental sensitivity and gum irritation once the whitening procedure is completed. These negative consequences will be caused by using too strong material during the treatment or undergoing whitening treatment too frequently. There’s no reason to worry because this sensitivity and discomfort will be solved independently after a few days. Also, your dentists will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to relieve your sensitivity as soon as possible.

Finally, teeth whitening are the best way that you can do to make your smile glorious but choose the best option with the help of your dentists to achieve the desired results.